Breakfast Smoothies… Paleo style… (Part 1)

paleobfastsmoothiebasics1Did you know potassium actually curbs sugar cravings???  I read that somewhere a few years back and started loading up on anything high in potassium I could get my hands on.  I love the taste of bananas, but am SUPER picky about the ripeness of them.  SO, I got myself an immersion mixer and my life has forever been changed.

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Getting Started

PicMonkey Collage4When I decided to try going Paleo I started thinking about how I was going to tackle dinners.  I started looking at recipes on Pinterest for guidance.  The last thing I wanted this new plan to do was to make me feel forced to make two separate dinners every night, one for my family and a salad for me.  Continue reading

Eat It? Write It.


I mentioned in my first post that I’m keeping a food journal.  There are a few reasons for this.  One of the reasons I’m going Paleo is so that I can have more energy in my daily life, another is improved mood.  Having a written record to look back over at the end of the week will help me figure out which foods work either way; those that make me feel drained, sluggish, grumpy, and then those that seem to improve the overall levels of energy in my day.  Continue reading